Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Fryer

The Morphy Richards Company is known for releasing top-of-the-class kitchenware products and the Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer is probably not an exception. This kitchen appliance targets those who value high aesthetics and first impressions by putting together a classic design that is set to dazzle everyone that will comes into your kitchen.

Apart from the aesthetics in the Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer, you also get to enjoy great features like cord storage, non-slip feet, cool touch handles and removable parts to make this a good purchase (compare it to ​the best deep fat fryer uk ).  It also includes a safety thermostat that switches the unit off to prevent overheating, thereby saving your food from overcooking.

The Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer has quite a number of features that make it faster and easier to use than an average fryer. In addition, you will not consume too much time to clean this unit thanks to the removable and dishwasher safe parts. The food capacity is 1kg which I have always considered to be enough for a medium family.

Although family size is relative, this unit is going to be enough for you if your family comprises of your partner, yourself and a few kids. If on the other hand, your family comprises of several adults, you may need to prepare multiple batches of food for it to be enough.

Overview of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083

Nonslip Feet:

The non-slip feet make cooking and moving the unit around easier for those who will be using it in more than one place. Moreover, it makes it safer to use because it is stable. The cool-touch handle also comes in handy for you to check the progress of your food with ease without worrying about getting burnt.

Removable Parts & Cord Storage:

Since you can remove the lid, tank, and control panel, post-fry cleaning will be a breeze. Also, this unit has a cord storage where you can store the cord when it's not in use thus making it look tidy and beautiful on your worktop. Moreover, it will also come in handy when washing your unit since the cord will be safeguarded from oil and water spills during the cleaning procedure.

Variable Temperature:

You can take advantage of the temperature control that allows you to cook your food at up to 190 degrees thus saving you a lot of time spent in the kitchen. In addition to the variable temperature control, this unit has a light indicator that makes a beeping sound to alert you when the food is ready. You can choose from the adjustable temperature from 1500 C up to 1900 C, which is also sophisticated enough to ensure you are cooking food to your preferences.


Bad smells are inevitable if you are using this unit to fry in the kitchen because the lid does not close. What is more, this continues for the rest of the cooking period, which may be irritating for most of the people. This is similar to using a frying pan with the only difference being that you get more features on this at a higher price than a frying pan. If you don't like the smells and you are buying a fryer to prevent that from getting to you, you may be disappointed.

To be honest, the design of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer needs a total overhaul. It is clear that the company is trying to please consumers with the intuitive and pleasing design on this model. Nonetheless, I wouldn't think that this should have affected usability.

When you fill the deep fat fryer with oil, you will not be able to close the lid. This is because the weight of the oil pins down one side/edge of the cover. This doesn't mean you won’t be able to use the fryer. However, keeping oil in it will not be possible. Therefore, you will have to store away the oil or replace it every time you want to cook.

Pros and Cons of the Morphy Richards Accents 45083


  • The Morphy Richards is one of the most advanced deep fryers in the market. It is also built for durability and long-lasting usage.​​​​
  • It can be used outside North America since it comes in 220 volts/ 240 volts thus making sure that it is available to a wider spectrum of people who are interested in the brand. If you are in North America, the unit will also work with 110 volts which is a great feature.
  • When cooking frozen chips, lowering your basket into the unit does not result in too much sizzling that you have to jump back to avoid being covered in oil from the sizzles.
  • It is a large unit that is suitable for a large family.
  • It easily blends in with the rest of your kitchen accessories.
  • Many users praise the Morphy Richards Accents 45083 Deep Fat Fryer for its appearance and performance but are mainly disappointed by the one design flaw that makes covering the lid impossible when it’s filled with oil. If you are buying it purely for the aesthetic looks, you will definitely be getting value for your money. However, the open lid might reduce the potential of the fryer by reducing its effectiveness.


  • Morphy Richards is a reliable company in producing kitchen items when compared to other fryers like Breville, Lakeland, and Woodworks among other brands. However, most users are pretty disappointed with their purchase of this model.
  • The fryer has a design flaw that hinders the lid from closing properly when filled with oil. Although this is a common observation in most fryers, it is something that most people find dissatisfying and disappointing. An overwhelming number of users are buying this unit because of the reputation the brand has built and as well as the opportunity this offers them in terms of colour.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Many customers are clearly happy with the amount they are paying for this unit as well as its design and construction.

For example, if you have red items in your kitchen, you may want to get this unit because it will easily blend in with the rest of the appliances in your kitchen.

Another thing is that this is the only red plaited fryer we have seen which makes it a unique kitchen appliance to have.

If you are looking for a healthier option, you should check out air fryers.