Lakeland Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer

Lakeland is known for making fryers in different sizes, price points, quality, and shape. The company produces both small and large-sized fryers and has been included in a top list of deep fat fryer reviews because of this. The Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer is one of the company’s small deep fat fryers, which comes with useful features and capabilities.

The Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer is a compact fryer that comes with a lid that has a viewing window for easy observation and monitoring of the food. Despite the fryer’s small food capacity of 350g, you can enjoy as much as 1.5 litres of oil capacity, which makes it suitable for onion rings and chip chop chips.

It has a cool-touch mechanism on the handle, which prevents your hand from getting burnt when you touch it during or after cooking. The stainless steel casing also ensures you use it for a longer period because it is durable and rust resistant. The Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer can be a great addition to your kitchen.

This unit allows you to prepare homemade chips that taste just as good as or even better than take-out fries. It gives you a lot of control so you can decide how you want the final appearance of your chips to be.

Outstanding Features of Lakeland Stainless Steel Fryer

Compact Size:

The size and shape of the Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer significantly enhance its compactness. It accommodates the right amount of chips enough for 2-3 persons. Furthermore, this unit fries potatoes neatly without emitting the typical bad odour thanks to the easy-to-read instruction manual that you can use to achieve this. If you are using it on your kitchen bench or small countertop, you will especially like this unit because of its small footprint.


Most users actually like that it is beautiful and doesn't take up a lot of the usage and storage space in the kitchen. Others also like that the unit heats up faster and produces better chips compared to the oven. The price of this unit is also affordable enough so that you can enjoy different kinds of food items without paying too much.


Even if you are trying this fryer for the first time, you should be able to make crispy chips that golden brown on the outside, soft in the middle and taste great. You can use it to make tempura, fresh potatoes, and frozen chips while retaining their greasy and soft texture. You can save more time cooking with this fryer than when you are using a frying pan.

You can also try frozen battered calamari with the Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer. One of the customers tried this and found the result to be excellent. Other recipes you can fry with this unit include tempura prawns, fried fish, doughnuts, and fish. Using this fryer for sausages will take between 4 and slightly above 10 minutes depending on the thickness of the sausage and the temperature you set on the temperature control.

Adjustable Temperature Control:

This feature allows you to adjust the temperature settings based on the kind of food you are frying. This enables you to use the Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer for a wide variety of food items.

Another plus for this unit is that you can easily determine the cooking time and temperature after a couple of trials. This means that if have observed your chips to fry to perfection at 160 degree Celsius and an average period of 12 to 15 minutes, then you can stick to that and use it every time you want to achieve the same result with your chips. This is consistency, and it is important for any frying you are doing.

Pros and Cons of the Lakeland Stainless Steel Fryer


  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has a great design
  • It does not take up a lot of your kitchen space
  • You can use it for a wide variety of recipes


  • You need to insert the food basket at an angle for the food to be evenly cooked. This is because it is not straight on its own.
  • The container on the fryer isn't removable which makes cleaning the unit uncomfortable.
  • Another downside is that the inside of the unit is non-stick, which is a concern for some people.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Some customers complain about condensation they experience with this unit. This is a problem for many people who claim that the condensation runs back to the oil area in the unit resulting in the formation of wet puddles.

This may delay or prevent you from checking the progress of you are cooking through the viewing window. One needs to be cautious with the lid to avoid the heat from the steam which can be quite hazardous. Using a tea towel or an oven glove to handle the lid when uncovering the fryer will help you avoid the heat from the steam or the hot handle.

Most of the customers agree that the Lakeland fryer is a great unit that comes at an affordable price and gives you value for your money. Another aspect of the fryer’s affordability is the fact that it saves a lot of time because it facilitates fast cooking.

One of the best ways to ensure this unit is in tip-top condition is to clean it properly. Cleaning the Lakeland Compact Stainless Steel Fryer is easy because it involves a few steps that are easy to follow. Once you have drained the oil from the bowl, you fill it with hot water mixed with soap then use a dish brush to gently scrub around it after which you rinse and wipe it clean with either a kitchen paper or a towel.


According to the manufacturer, you can either store your oil in the fryer or use another pot. You have to ensure that the oil is clean and there are no crumbs or debris in it before storing it. Another point to note is that you should not store the oil for more than four weeks. If you only use this fryer occasionally, it is advisable to empty the oil after each use, clean the fryer and keep it in a safe storage until the next time you want to use it. Alternatively you could use a fryer with minimal oil. Check out our air fryer reviews.