Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer

Now you can prepare your favourite family fries with the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer. It comes with a nice and spacious viewing window through which you can check the progress of your chips, chicken, onion rings or whatever you are cooking and make sure it is frying correctly.

The Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer is equipped with excellent features all of which are designed to give you better results from your cooking. These include the adjustable thermostat, the lockable lid and the non-stick coating on the inner bowl among others. The demand for coated frying pans is increasing every day because no one wants to spend any extra minutes cleaning. Cookworks came up with this product in order to meet this growing demand.

Other than being sturdy and easy to use, the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer is also designed to allow you to make your own fries at the comfort of your home so you can forget about those expensive take-outs. With its super 1800 Watt power rating, this fryer will cook your food within just a couple of minutes. It also comes with a food and oil capacity of 0.5kg and 2.5L respectively.

Outstanding Features of Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer

Variable Temperature Control:

This unit makes it easy for you to select the right temperature for a variety of food items before beginning the actual cooking process. You have enough selections to choose from for all sorts of tasty treats starting from 1300 to 1900 C. Most deep fat fryers have 1500 C as the minimum temperature which limits their options when it comes to frying. However, this is not the case with the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer as its variable temperature control feature enables you to experiment with lots of food items.

Rise and Fall Basket:

The fryer comes with a rise and fall basket along with oil and odour filters with which you can eliminate all sorts of bad odour that accumulate over time in the course of your cooking. This unit gives you the peace of mind that you can’t get from other models which lack the filters or any given mechanism to prevent the bad smells from lingering in the kitchen.

Cool Zone Technology:

There is a clear difference between preparing food in a fryer and a frying pan and the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer shows this distinction. The cool zone technology in this unit is only available on selected models, and it serves the purpose of keeping your oil fresh for longer, which makes it possible to reuse it in the near future.

Nonslip Bottom:

The feet/bottom of this unit is nonslip which is important as it enhances its stability on the countertop or any other location you choose to place it. The Cookworks deep fat fryer is a nice looking piece of equipment that comes in a good size for both individual and family use.

Pros and Cons of the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer


The Cookworks deep fat fryer is affordable

One of the attractive points for this model is its moderate price tag. It is affordable, and the quality of performance is not affected in any way as a result of the price. Although the basket on it isn't as deep as the one in Breville, Delonghi, or Tefal models, you will get the advantage in the ease at which you can use it.

Besides doing an excellent job of making your treats the way you want them, it is also incredibly easy to use, which gives it a competitive edge.

Both the lid and the filters are detachable and washable in a dishwasher, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting them all cleaned up.

It is suitable for a busy individual

If you are looking for a food maker that is fast or you are always busy with family and work responsibilities, this unit will give you the best value for your money. After reviewing dozens of units and going over customer reviews on each one, I have come across only a few that are as powerful as the Cookworks deep fat fryer.

Its cooking is fast

The 1800 watt rating gives you the utmost charge when you start your cooking thus making your food faster than others while maintaining the desired taste and texture of the food.


It does not have a removable inner bowl

It’s not easy to clean

Dependency may lead to negative health effects

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Most users of this unit like the fact that it helps them cook faster, which further guarantees the fact that those looking for more than a regular fryer will appreciate the Cookworks deep fat fryer.

Not only is it cheap and efficient, but also decent. Therefore, you should not shy away from investing in this unit. Most of the reviews from customers center on the fact that the viewing window is almost non-useful while cooking.

This is because there is a build-up of steam during the cooking process that covers the observation window such that it becomes a hassle checking the progress of what you are cooking.

In terms of the money, you can consider the Cookworks Deep Fat Fryer to be a good buy. It is not too large when sitting on your work surface neither is it too small to serve you quality chips in one batch. Despite the inner container being non-removable, the Cookworks deep fat fryer is still relatively easy to clean.

The fact that this unit prepares fries at a fast rate means that one can continuously have them around and possibly develop a dependency that may have adverse effects on their health. However, you can choose a healthy fryer to help negate this point. One reason why this unit is an ideal kitchen appliance is that it is not as intimidating as the frying pan or the oven. This is because the lid provides safety from hazards while the filters suppress the bad smell.

There are some downsides associated with the Cookworks deep fat fryer despite a large number of positive reviews and features. The main downside is the fact that its inner container is not removable. This makes it a bit of a hassle cleaning it.


The Cookworks range is one of the best deep fat fryers you can get especially if you are buying your fryer for the first time. Not only do they produce excellent homemade chips, but they also do it fast. As a beginner, it is exciting for you to be able to cook your favourite meals precisely the way you like them without having to learn a lot initially. If you are a seasoned pro, there are many features on this fryer that can help show your kitchen skills to your family and your guests.